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Badge holders are one small item that is necessary for a secure environment. The badge holder effectively secures an employee’s identification in a safe and organized manner. Because it is necessary for your employees to carry a badge, you want to encourage this by providing identity badge holders along with their ID card. Whether clip or lanyard, we’ve got a wide range of badge accessories to suit your needs.

ID badges holders are simple clear plastic cases, but they should be durable as well as affordable. Our identification badge holders are made to last while maintaining cost effectiveness. Whether your employee’s need retractable badge holders, clip on badge holder ID, or badge holders and lanyards to go together, you can find any and all of those items easily in one place. Smart lanyards badge holders are highly popular in a wide range of settings.

Lanyards have been used throughout the years in a number of applications. However, just recently have personalized lanyards become a staple of the modern professional. Customized Bead lanyards may feature designs on nylon or wire, or may feature a company logo. Beaded lanyards are some of the most popular of the customizable lanyards on the market.

While you could hand over badges on neckchains, we’ve got some of the cheapest Badge lanyards that you can find; available in large and small quantities. Since ID holders and lanyards go together, providing your employee’s with ID badges lanyards that are comfortable, durable and attractive sets up a win-win situation. Providing lanyards badge holders enables identification to be easily seen but not clipped onto clothing. ID badge lanyards are safe and provide a viable solution for displaying ID cards in any setting.

ID badges are necessary to secure your corporate or educational environment. We’ve got a wide array of employee ID badges, custom government ID badges, special event staff ID badges, and school ID badges for our discerning customers. From manufactures such as Fargo and Zebra, an ID badge that you purchase here can be customized with your on-site ID badge creator with ease. With advances in ID badges software, creating badges in quantities small or large has never been easier. On-site ID badge makers and templates enable you to quickly and safely set up new employees.

Remember to stock up on ID badge clips as you prepare to create badges yourself. Our ID badge reels are ideal for use with badges that are set up as electronic keys. The retractable ID badge works with efficiency, allowing an employee to move through secure areas without pause. Simple accessories, pick up an ID badge lanyard or some strap clips to issue when needed.

Photo ID Solutions

Companies of any size can make the most of tools such as photo ID printers or fully functioning photo ID systems including photo ID cameras. Make your day to day operations run smoothly by procuring your own identity card printer device. Whether you need a Fargo card printer, Evolis card printer, or Zebra custom card printer, you can find it right here. Having an on-site ID card printer can be just the tool you need when it comes to security for your company.

Photo ID printers contain many features to promote maximum protection; just the reason you are using a photo ID printer in the first place. Other printing solutions include a business card printer, the data card printer or magicard credit card printer. Need a photo ID quick? Whether you need to print a school ID or a government photo ID, your own device is the way to go.

In the past, your security card option was to outsource creation. Now, picture ID cards can be created quickly and professionally. We’ve got a wide array of photo ID cards for you to choose from. Choosing from our security ID cards, you can make ID cards in no time, without releasing secure company info.

We’ve got plastic ID cards with magnetic strips, blank ID cards that you can print with images and text, even those that can be used for law enforcement ID cards. A simple but durable printer can easily make home office ID cards, and secure government ID cards. If you need photo ID badges, these can also be made on-site.

Employee ID cards used to be a task to outsource. Now, school ID cards and even holographic ID cards are easy to make. Make business ID cards a simple task? In fact, go one step further and also create great business cards using an online business card printer.

Laminating Solutions

Laminating machines allow you to effectively preserve everything from ID cards to posters. We’ve got a wide variety of Hot and cold laminating machines to fit any need. Pouch laminating machines are a wise investment for anyone who has a need to keep documents safe. We carry roll laminating machines and home laminating machines used for projects large and small.

Personal laminating machines are simple, and used easily at home by students or those who have a home office. GBC laminating machines are some that are ideal for both commercial and personal use. Check out our selection of used laminating machines that have been inspected and ready to work as like a new machine. USI laminating machines are some of the best commercial business laminating machines. Check out laminating machines reviews as you make your decision from our laminating machines for sale!

Laminating requires the right supplies when it comes to laminating pouches, we’ve got any size needed. It’s important you know the size of card laminating pouches your machines compatible with. Also important to purchase the right laminating pouches sizes. Whether you need thermal or scotch laminating pouches or other card laminating pouches, all you have to do is browse our selection. We’ve also got GBC heatseal laminating pouches, and Fellowes laminating pouches.

When you need business card laminating pouches, you don’t want to wait and you don’t have to spend more than necessary. We’ve got laminating pouches cheap, as well as laminating film.

Have a need for laminating film instead? Roll laminating film can cover larger projects such as posters. School laminating film is ideal since projects of various sizes are often in need of lamination.

For smaller items, try our pouch laminating film, for larger projects; check our selection of laminating film rolls. You’ll find the ideal size of a laminating film roll for any project. We’ve also got a selection of thermal laminating film, as well as hot & Cold laminating film.

We’re the source for laminating equipment and laminating supplies. The supplies that we carry for all sorts of projects include laminating paper, laminating pockets and laminating sheets in an array of sizes.

Our laminators section includes used laminators as well as new machines. Our laminator machines may work with a variety of laminator sheets, laminator pouches or laminator film. Whether you need a pouch laminator like an ID laminator, or are looking for a GBC heatseal laminator, our friendly staff can guide you if you need assistance.

Luggage Tags

Today there is a new trend in luggage tags. Travelers use their luggage tag not only to show possession, but also to enable them to easily tell their baggage apart from everyone else’s. Personalized luggage tags are popular items, as these custom luggage tags are easy to spot and also very stylish. What can be more fun than wedding luggage tags, really? Or pink luggage tags for her and blue for him?

Clearly, plastic luggage tags are more than meets the eye. Luggage identification tags are not only a necessity, but are now quite fun. At Azevedos Laminating, we’ve got the widest selection of tags around. Need clear luggage tags? We’ve got them in all sizes. Simple card luggage tags can be printed with great designs to customize them as kids luggage tags, promo luggage tags or business card luggage tags. When it comes to airplane luggage tags and business luggage tags, there is no need to look anywhere else for your supplies than Azevedos Laminating.